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Specialty Products For Hydronic Systems


The industry leader for pressurizing closed-loop hydronic systems introduces the newest ‘PRESSURE PAL’ to the Axiom Product Family. The DMF150 utilizes a digital pressure control (0-45 psig) with electronic alert contacts. The tank design incorporates a wall bracket connection that comes standard in the box. Front fill point makes fluid handling a simple process.


  • 17 litre (4.6 US gallon) tank for storage and mixing 
  • All features shown on user friendly digital display screen 
  • 0-45psig Pressure Setpoint with adjustable dead band 
  • N.O./N.C. Alert contacts and LED light enabled when low level, low pressure, or high-pressure condition 
  • Integrated Easy Connect Wall Mount Bracket comes with the unit 
  • Tilted 5” easy fill access on front of tank 
  • UL listed Power supply plugs into any standard 115 VAC outlet 
  • Diaphragm pump can run dry without damage 
  • No direct connection to potable water supply eliminates need for backflow prevention 
  • Make-up fluid stored in the feeder tank can be pre-treated to meet appliance manufacturers specifications 
  • Fluid level switch shuts the pump off and enables alarm contacts if the storage tank level gets too low 
  • Diverter valve allows easy purging of air on initial start-up, and manual mixing of solution 
  • Fluid drained for service can easily be put back into the system 
  • Prevents major floods 
  • Provides leak detection