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Specialty Products For Hydronic Systems

The ‘PUROPAL LEADER’ is ideal for demineralizing fill water for closed loop hydronic systems. The quality of water, especially when mixed with anti-freeze (glycol), can have an impact on system
performance. Even marginal water quality can lead to scaling, sediment deposits, and the accumulation of sludge.


  • PuroPal Console provides real time data about the incoming and outgoing water quality, flow and total treated demineralized water
  • Single Lever Valve opens/closes flow through the unit to start/stop demineralization, no power supply required
  • Pressure Vessel is built utilizing a fibre reinforced mineral plastic, providing a lightweight yet durable portable vessel
  • A patented fluid flow path through the resin maximizes the capacity of the ion exchange
  • Self-contained cartridge can be replaced in seconds
  • Demineralized water meets the strict water quality requirements from appliance and glycol manufacturers
  • Removes all the aggressive salts such as chlorides, sulphates, and nitrates which specifically attack metals like stainless steel, copper, and aluminum
  • Removes scale producing ions like calcium and magnesium that damage components and block heat transfer
  • Lowers electrical conductivity, which reduces corrosion