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Produits de spécialité pour systèmes hydroniques

Use the calculator below to determine which Condensate Neutralizer will best suit your application.

Déterminez quel bac de neutralisation convient le mieux à votre application au moyen du calculateur suivant.

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Neutralisateur de Condensat

LipHter Replacement Media for (NT15 and NT25)

Condensate formed during the combustion process in gas-fueled condensing heat exchangers is acidic and can harm the environment and sewer system. Axiom's condensate neutralizing media neutralizes the pH of that acidic fluid to a more neutral level. Neutralizing acidic condensate helps protect the environment and helps avoid costly damage to septic or sewer systems.

  • Caractéristiques et Avantages

  • Neutralizing media for commercial and industrial condensing appliances
  • Blended neutralizing media provides an effective solution to treat high volumes of condensate fluid
  • Combination of Calcium Carbonate (Limestone) and magnesium Oxide
  • Safe to handle
  • Minimal dust when compared to competitors





To purchase the replacement media Find an Axiom Rep in your area.