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Specialty Products For Hydronic Systems

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Alternating Motor Control

AMC100-SP "Sump Pump Sequencer"

An Alternating Motor Sequencer is used when it is desirable to operate 2 pumps in an alternating lead/lag sequence to provide additional or back-up pumping capacity in a sump pump application.

  • Features and Benefit

  • Lead-lag staging control capability
  • 2 Hand/Off/Auto switches
  • LED indicating Lights (Power, Run, Alarm)
  • Dry contacts for “Motor Run” and “Low-Level” , “High-Level”, and “Lag Alarm”
  • Individual Overhead and short circuit protection w/reset buttons
  • Configurable inputs (N.O or N.C)
  • Audible buzzer for alarms
  • Motor shut down on a low-level condition