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Specialty Products For Hydronic Systems

Use the calculator below to determine which Demineralizers will best suit your application.

Le calculateur ci-dessous aide à déterminer quel déminéralisateur H2O jetable convient le mieux à votre application.

H₂O Demineralizer-Sizer

Dimensionnement du déminéralisateur H2O

System Details:

Détails du système:

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H₂O Demineralizer

PUROPAK-P "Protect" Hydronic Water Quality Kit

Axiom Water Demineralizers provide a simple solution to ensure high-quality water is used in closed-loop hydronic systems. Demineralized water meets the strict water quality requirements from boiler and glycol manufactures.

  • Features and Benefit

  • PuroPak-P c/w PuroPal-1 (Demineralizer) and Protect-1 (Inhibitor)
  • Cleans sludge and metal oxide formations from existing systems
  • Demineralize system fill water
  • Provides lasting protection against corrosion and scale formations